Don’t let anxiety issues mess up your life

Sit, listen and relax for around 30 minutes to my master meditator and you will start to notice a new sense of calm confidence. I promise a full, no questions asked refund on my special downloads if they don’t help you to overcome many of the issues that may be holding you back from enjoying a calmer and more confident lifestyle. 

David Cole

After many years of helping sufferers with anxiety and confidence issues using hypnotherapy and meditation, I discovered that spectacular success can easily be achieved by my simple method of relaxed guided meditation. 

Yoga Instructor



Positive change in
30 minutes!

Set aside 30 minutes. Make yourself comfortable and listen and relax.

Each meditation is carefully worded to help you to relax and absorb reassuring words, crafted in such a way as to cause positive changes at a deep level.  

Clients’ Success stories

AJ unable to enjoy going out to restaurants or the theatre due to a fear of being closed in. When she did go out, she would have to sit near an exit and would feel ‘on edge’ the whole time. Using my method, she was able to overcome the problem feel much more relaxed and less anxious. She now enjoys these social occasions. 

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Freya Sanz